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Nov. 10th, 2007 | 03:10 pm

From the NYTimes:

Experts who work with veterans say it often takes several years after leaving military service for veterans’ accumulating problems to push them into the streets. But some aid workers say the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans appear to be turning up sooner than the Vietnam veterans did.


With more women serving in combat zones, the current wars are already resulting in a higher share of homeless women as well. They have an added risk factor: roughly 40 percent of the hundreds of homeless female veterans of recent wars have said they were sexually assaulted by American soldiers while in the military, officials said.


Veterans have long accounted for a high share of the nation’s homeless. Although they make up 11 percent of the adult population, they make up 26 percent of the homeless on any given day, the National Alliance report calculated.

Read the rest of the article here.  Twenty-six percent!  Next time you see someone panhandling, remind yourself that statistically speaking there's a one in four chance that you're looking at a veteran.  It's so easy sometimes to forget that our troops are also victims of this stupid fucking war.

There's a fantastic bill in Congress right now, the "Homes for Heroes Act" (H. 3329), which would substantitally expand low-income housing for veterans, expand homeless outreach and create a VA Special Assistant at the Bureau of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). I'm very disappointed that only one NY congresswoman has sponsored it thus far.....

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I think I was suposed to read the piece on farm subsidies

Oct. 16th, 2007 | 09:40 pm

One of my professors gave me a practice exercise for the GRE (because...so many seniors are taking them this semester) and they recommend you read the opinion section of the New York Times to know supporting details to bring into the essays (which kind of speaks to the Northeastern bias of the tests). I don't usually read this section of the paper. Lucked out today- Stephen Colbert was guest columnist. This gem of a line will not help me on the GRE unless farce is one of the essay topics:

"Frankly, I prefer emoticons to the written word, and if you disagree :( "

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in case you didn't hear yet (in this age of universal media coverage)...

Oct. 12th, 2007 | 09:54 pm

Al Gore: Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Seriously, all the man needs is a Tony and he'll have won, like, everything. Draft Gore for a cameo appearance in Hairspray?

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If this was how Americans played their football, I'd SO watch....

Oct. 8th, 2007 | 12:04 am

Witness the New Zealand "All Blacks" opening "Haka" dance against France. So intense! And so awesome!

And, do you notice the big angry/smug bearded French guy in the middle looking for all the world like he could kick every kiwi's ass? His name is Sebastien Chabal, aka Seabass aka Attila aka Someone Who is Big and Very Scary and if you see him running towards you, for God's sake, drop the ball and run.

Exhibit A:

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Dwarf hamsters...

Aug. 28th, 2007 | 11:55 pm

...are ridiculously cute. It's not even funny. They're a butt and a head and softness all over. I have a slight urge to put them in my mouth when holding them. . . If you're standing on a nice smooth floor and holding a dwarf hamster, make sure not to pass up the opportunity to slide the hamster across the floor. They go surprisingly far. . . It sounds cruel, but could something that brings so much joy really be cruel? I would be such a terrible vegetarian...

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there's always money in the banana stand! always!

Aug. 15th, 2007 | 08:29 pm

Boy, I don't know.

This could be either really good, or really just...bad. I love Michael Cera, but I don't know if that compels me to spend nearly $10 to watch Superbad.  I was reading an interview of him once (with regards to the promotion of this film) and the interviewer tried telling Michael Cera that people quote "Arrested Development" a lot and he responds "Uh, I guess. I don't really get that that much." Whaaaaaat? Am I crazy here? If you saw this kid you would tell him there's always money in the banana stand, right?

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oh my god

Aug. 8th, 2007 | 04:39 pm

Video of people getting on the 7 train to Manhattan this morning:


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Jul. 23rd, 2007 | 09:08 pm

During the YouTube debate, some weirdo showed everyone his huge-ass assault rifle and asked what the candidates would do to keep his "baby" safe. Biden said immediately:

"If that's his baby, he needs help."

Word. And also, he wants to keep his assault rifle safe? My mind is blown.

In summation, Hillary totally owned the debate tonight, much to my regret.

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An honest appraisal

Jul. 21st, 2007 | 04:57 pm
mood: ?...and also very hungry...

I am tired, angry, elated, a little disappointed, sad, weary and jubilant.

More coherence when my stomach stops clenching and re-clenching in significantly fast bursts...How can I possibly go back to MCAT prep when I can barely think?

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An Open Letter to the World

Jul. 19th, 2007 | 07:32 pm

PLEASE STOP TRYING TO RUIN HARRY POTTER FOR ME. Seriously, even having the New York Times as my homepage has gotten to be dangerous. I don't remember it ever being so difficult to avoid people telling me the plots of these books.

I promise I will eventually write a post about something other than Harry Potter, maybe about my current job at a law firm, or my delightful weekend a few days ago or even more about my MCAT prep, which is totally taking over my life. But right now-- Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Let the race to finish it before I go to work on Monday morning begin!

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Happy 4th.

Jul. 4th, 2007 | 04:23 pm
mood: hot dog!

Best. Bloomberg. Pic. Ever.

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Martin Amis on Blair...

Jun. 14th, 2007 | 06:11 pm
mood: satisfaction

Hands down, one of the best articles I've read this year. I regularly read the Guardian, but I missed this piece until just recently. It is superb. It also contains a word I hadn't seen before ("myrmidon" --meaning a servile follower),  making the article a special pleasure. It's worthy reading anyway, even if you're not familiar or interested in the topic.

Now, if only I could get through his blasted books...

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art and tv

Jun. 12th, 2007 | 10:28 pm

Why is everyone so upset about the Sopranos? It's all I've been hearing from a couple people for a couple of days now and I don't get it (especially as I don't watch the show). An abrupt fade to black? That's it? Really?

And now, something for me to gush over: Simon Schama has a show! On PBS! It's called the Power of Art and it will be re-broadcast from the BBC version sometime this month (next week? I should know better). Either way, I'm really excited, first because its Simon-freakin-"Citizens"-"A History of Britain"-Schama! Second, he's devoting eight episodes to the series, each featuring a painter and one of his more notable works. Paintings/artists include Caravaggio, Jacques Louis-David (let's all pretend to guess which painting will be featured), Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, and (peculiarly) Rothko. Either way, any art lovers/fans of Schama  should definitely check it out. 

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May. 31st, 2007 | 09:39 pm

Please don't question me on why I know this; just appreciate. This appears to be the livejournal of the guy who played Dudley in "The Royal Tenenbaums" and Harris (one of the uber-geeks) in "Freaks and Geeks":

The best part? He appears to be EXACTLY like Harris on the show. I have no idea why that's so satisfying, but it really, really is.

Sniff. I miss my Freaks and Geeks. Judd Apatow is pretty much the only reason why I will watch movies like "The 40-Year-Old-Virgin" and (soon-to-see) "Knocked Up".

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May. 2nd, 2007 | 12:12 pm

  • Oregon governor lives on $21 a week for food to prove the food stamps are too low.
  • Maybe you're unhappy because life actually sucks.
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    An open letter to winter and some other things

    Apr. 6th, 2007 | 09:59 pm
    External Vibrations: The Mountain Goats - "This Year"

    Dear Winter,

    I am done with you. We are over. I said we should still be friends, but I was lying. Go the fuck away. It's April.


    On another note, if your primary source of food in a given day is soup, it's probably not wise to drink a mocha frappachino and expect it to affect you the same way as it usually would. Today I've felt like my stomach was melting, and I just ate a huge amount of wonton soup to make it better. It helped-- a little.

    I've been obsessed with the two songs from the new Arcade Fire album with "car" in the title, "No Cars Go" and "Keep the Car Running." I don't know if this is my Bruce Springsteen love resurfacing somehow or just an odd coincidence, but they're wonderful songs. I never cared this deeply about their first album Funeral but now I'm kind of infatuated. Odd.

    Finally, in the midst of writing this entry I've just realized that my feet are very very cold right now. I wish there was a way to keep my feet warm that didn't involve me wearing socks inside my own home. Or racheting up the thermostat to thermonuclear-fusion levels.

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    Theories of Physics as Women

    Mar. 26th, 2007 | 04:35 pm

    This is highly, highly amusing.

    My personal favorites:

    3. Quantum mechanics is the girl you meet at the poetry reading. Everyone thinks she's really interesting and people you don't know are obsessed about her. You go out. It turns out that she's pretty complicated and has some issues. Later, after you've broken up, you wonder if her aura of mystery is actually just confusion.

    2. Special relativity is the girl you meet at the dorm party while you're dating electrodynamics. You make out. It's not really cheating because it's not like you call her back. But you have a sneaking suspicion she knows electrodynamics and told her everything.

    Heeeee. But its actually a pretty astute analogy! Quantum mechanics is so fascinating, but ultimately insane, because half the time you feel like people are pulling it out of thin air, without any concrete proofs. And don't even get me started on quarks...

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    It can't possibly get any worse, right?

    Jan. 29th, 2007 | 04:16 pm
    External Vibrations: me banging my head against the wall

    From toohotfortnr:

    "Shiite death cults! U.S.-plus-Maliki apparently fought Shiite death cults in Najaf yesterday who plotted to blow up Najaf shrines -- not Sunni psychotics -- in an attempt to get the messiah's ass down to earth tout suite. Shades of the Machteret Yehudit! The Los Angeles Times quotes a dude saying, "Everyday someone claims he's the Mahdi."
    He lamented that Iraq's death and destruction had convinced some Shiites that the end of days was coming.

    "There's nothing bizarre left in Iraq anymore," Nomas said in a telephone interview. "We've seen the most incredible things."

    Can we talk about this for a second? The Iraq war is so fucking awful that even some Shiites -- beneficiaries of the political process , remember -- would rather blow up their own shrines and bring on the apocalypse than continue to, you know, live. Somehow I don't think this will come up in Admiral Fallon's nomination hearing tomorrow. We don't need Petraeus in Iraq, we need Buffy the motherfucking Vampire Slayer."


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    Nov. 19th, 2006 | 12:08 am
    location: Northern Ireland?
    mood: Northern Ireland
    External Vibrations: Northern Ireland

    You know how when you spend several hours intensely focused on your research for a paper, endlessly mulling over facts and theories, that you start to lose your grip on reality....? Um, it's weird. I had a dream last night that Gerry Adams was speaking at one of the Provost Lecture Series that we have on campus. This had me really psyched. When I woke, it took a bit for me to realize that wasn't reality. Later today, Kristie asked a question about some guy named "O'Neill" and my brain immediately thought she was talking about the Former Irish Premier who during the late 40s instituted half-hearted "reforms" of Stormont that did not address Nationalist concerns about discrimination and electoral gerrymandering. Yeah, it made for an awkward explantion as well.

    Still, I feel like I am just exploding with information and tripping over myself trying to get it all out in a semi-concise fashion. I don't think there's ever been a period in my life when I've learned so much about a research topic I previously new nothing about in such a short period. This paper is supposed to be 12-15 pages, and my outline alone is 11 pages.......one of my life goals is learn to be more concise.

    Also, The Troubles in Northern Ireland are plagued with an overwhelming glut of acronyms. It's astounding. Every book begins with a list of abbreviations, and I find myself typing things in my outline like "Though back channels talks had always existed with UK, early 1990s saw concurrence of many distinct peace dialogues, including SF/SDLP, UK/SF, NI/UK, etc."

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    Ding dong...

    Nov. 8th, 2006 | 05:11 pm

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

    Even this terrible weather can't spoil my good mood....

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    Nov. 8th, 2006 | 12:24 am
    mood: !!!

    For shame Connecticut, for shame.

    Virginia is heading towards recount territory. I can just smell it.

    Three more seats...three more seats....

    EDIT: Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Keith Olbermann is telling me that the House will go Democratic. I will resist the urge to squee. Instead, I'm just going to sit back and savor this moment and dream of subpoenas...lots and lots of subpoenas...

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    Look papa, its an election!

    Nov. 7th, 2006 | 12:52 am
    mood: bitter/angry/tired

    Oh the inhumanity. Whoever decided to give public school kids election day off and not college students (who can actually vote) is a monumental idiot (or idiots, if it turns out to be congress or the state legislature).

    Grrr. Stupid midterms. Stupid lack of time. Stupid election which the Republicans will probably end up winning and thus I'll have to be bitter and caustic for two more years about the prospect of this country going to hell in a handbasket. I should have more faith in Americans' ability to grasp the obvious instead of the GOP's fear mongering racist homophobic tactics that appeal to the basest form of human nature.  But I don't.


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    Remember remember, the fifth of November

    Nov. 5th, 2006 | 07:14 pm

    Happy Guy Fawkes Day to those across the pond! 

    Honestly, only the British are alternately cool and wacky enough to celebrate the guy who tried to blow up Parliament in the 17th Century (by burning him in effigy no less).

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    Monk-ey business

    Oct. 31st, 2006 | 05:24 pm
    mood: omg I suck at puns

    Ok, I have seen the same guy dressed as a monk about three times today. Once in my class, where he sat in front of me wearing his gray-brown, monk-like robes and small white cap (???) that clashed horribly with his flaming red hair as we listened to a lecture on constitutional law (zzzz). Second time was when I walked to my class this afternoon, he was coming out of Javits. And just now, he entered the SINC site and is sitting about five computers away from me.

    Maybe he's not a monk. Maybe he's some sort of comic book action hero (I've been seeing a lot of odd/vaguely absurdist stuff today). Is there a comic book character that walks around in grayish brown robes with a small white cap on his head? Lisa...?

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    My proposed halloween costume

    Oct. 27th, 2006 | 11:14 am
    mood: crummy
    External Vibrations: Neko Case - "Favorite"

    A white lab coat, a witch's hat....a witch doctor. Get it? Get it?? 

    I clearly lack creative inspiration in my life.

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    Oct. 15th, 2006 | 12:08 am
    mood: speculation is fun
    External Vibrations: inner demons telling me to return to my neglected studying

    I'm a little slow on the uptake lately (midterms!) but...Mark Warner isn't running anymore? That blows! I even friended him on Facebook and everything! (a clear indicator of my loyalty, right?) I would like to say I respect his choice to be with his family, but then I would be lying, because he's not being entirely forthcoming in the first place either. I see him campaigning for Senate to get that foreign policy experience by the next midterms...

    Unfortunately for now however, all the other choices look so unappealing:

    Byah? I have yet to understand why he's so popular.
    Feingold? He will be the Howard Dean of 2008; too much of a diehard liberal (he's just using the run to gain noteriety...)
    Biden? Eh. I see him against a McCain or Guliani type and envision the campaign falling apart...
    Obama? Too inexperienced. Current media darling with a pretty decent national profile, but he has the kind of potency that would be ripe for later. He should cultivate that and wait patiently for his turn...
    Richardson? The only governor in the pack, which automatically gives him more credence, but I doubt if he'll be able to raise his profile so substantially by primary time.
    Clinton? ::gulp:: No. Just...No. Someone please stop her.
    Kerry? Ditto.

    If McCain (aka Maverick McRollOver) gets the nomination, and the Dems nominate any of the above (with the possible exception of Obama, who once again I don't think will run or get the nomination) then it is not going to be a pretty election day in 2008.

    Thoughts? Rebuke? Too soon to call?

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    It just gets better and better...

    Oct. 9th, 2006 | 10:08 am

    Oh, wonderful. 

    How far does incompetence have to go before anyone ever calls them on it?

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    Oct. 6th, 2006 | 07:55 pm

    Hahahaha, college.

    Kristie (and Anne), I think this tops you getting locked in a room with no doors at Staller, Crazy Korean Bible Lady (first semester!), the insanely surreal Orgo discussions at the balcony of Javits ("You guys are such dorks") and quite possibly the Mad Rollerblader and the Guy Who Walks Around With No Shoes (aka...Geoff?).

    Anne, you should have been there.  I wonder if Roth pond will alter his genetic makeup...

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    "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."

    Sep. 29th, 2006 | 11:43 pm
    mood: we are doomed

    Habeas Corpus? Hey, what's that? Separation of powers? Retention of our moral values? Well, I suppose it was nice when it lasted.

    Watch...and then weep for the future.

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    All nighters + Internet = multiple pointless entries.

    Sep. 24th, 2006 | 02:34 am

    This will never stop making me laugh.

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    I can't believe I'm saying this...

    Sep. 23rd, 2006 | 10:55 pm

    ...but I'm going to have to watch Fox News tomorrow.

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    Sep. 6th, 2006 | 04:15 pm
    mood: creeped out

    I'll update properly soon, but due to lack of time between classes I leave you with this question to ponder during such a pleasant afternoon:


    Creepier than ever! In case you needed to know that Victoria Vovsha and Christopher Choi are now friends. With a really crappy shadowy +1 icon off to the side. It just screams stalker. 

    It also means that I will now only use it to leave birthday messages on people's walls.

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    Aug. 30th, 2006 | 10:51 pm
    External Vibrations: Stars - "Heart" (in my head; thanks a lot, Gap)

    Oh boy. Leggings are really back, aren't they?

    I simply don't understand; do people not remember the 80s/early 90s?

    [Edited to add another pop culture friendly thought]: Why is Scarlett Johansson in Bob Dylan's new music video? And since when does Bob Dylan make new music videos? Ugh. Scarlett Johansson is the Bo Derek of this decade. In ten, she'll be a half-remembered punchline.

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    Aug. 27th, 2006 | 05:27 pm
    mood: morally bankrupt

    You know what's cool? The way Joe Strummer changes the lyrics in "I Fought the Law" from "Lost my baby, feels so bad" to "KILLED my baby, feels so bad". Something about that is so defiantly, twistedly powerful. So very punk.

    You know what's not so cool? Updating Livejournal to write about a song that came up on shuffle while I was at work. This marks the exact moment in which I start getting antsy about returning to school.

    [Edited to add]: Anne, if you're reading this (somewhere in the middle of upstate NY, pretending to grasp certain concepts of "roughing it" and similarly acquiring rustic living skills), please contact me. Or, leave a comment and let me know you're alive! 

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    Aug. 24th, 2006 | 01:03 pm
    mood: dwarf planet? Hee.

    Goodbye, Pluto.

    You were always a planet to me...

    Heh, on the bright side, all grade school science textbooks have now become obsolete.

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    This might only relate to baseball fans...

    Aug. 19th, 2006 | 05:40 pm

    Loathe as I am to link to something relating to Denis Leary (perennial Red Sox fan, obnoxious ass for the most part), it's too funny to not share. The following is a downloadable clip, consisting of  a hilarious bit during a Red Sox game: Dennis Leary finds out Kevin Youkilis is Jewish, and goes into "Mel rant" mode.  I loved that the booth regulars had to move to the sides, to the very edges of the space, as if there was no available oxygen closer to Lenny and Denny. It's such a great clip. (I'd have linked it on YouTube, except they removed the video).

    All right, all right. The world has realigned. I still hate Denis Leary. Go Yankees (13 to 5, folks). Pretty soon 2004 will be an aberration, a mere blip in the time space continuum...

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    How many terrifying pictures can the NY Times take?

    Aug. 8th, 2006 | 10:26 pm

    Must fix site...Joementum...Joementum...Joementum.....

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    Aug. 4th, 2006 | 09:41 pm
    mood: idiotic

    Sarah: I think Distance Times Rate Equals Time by The Pixies is wrong
    Brian: d r = t
    Brian: yeah.
    Sarah: D x R = T, that means R = T / D,
    Sarah: But R = D / T
    Sarah: So Distance Times Rate Equals the reciprocal, T/D, time over distance
    Sarah: Oh wait
    Sarah: Distance = Rate x Time
    Sarah: D = R x T
    Sarah: Heh he even says that part in the song
    Sarah: Okay, I get it now.
    Sarah: I got the song title wrong.
    Sarah: Haha, I was listening to it upside down
    Brian: You need to go and get some sleep
    Brian: Even if its only 9pm
    Sarah: I need my brain to start working again
    Brian: That might even be better...

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    Aug. 2nd, 2006 | 01:16 am
    mood: melting...


    somebody please take me to alaska for the rest of the summer.


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    Rant alert

    Jul. 28th, 2006 | 06:39 pm

    Has anyone heard about the Andrea Yates re-trail (the mentally ill mother who drowned her five children in the bathtub)?. I've followed this case on and off for the last three or four years whenever it popped up in the public sphere, ever since my Abnormal Psych teacher complained about the treatment she had been getting in the state of Texas. He riled up the entire class and I grew interested and kept in touch with it. Anyway, I was watching Countdown last night and they had on this lady, this Susan Filan person that commented on the Yates re-verdict who was a complete and utter asshole. Asshole cubed. Besides using that horrific and strident Nancy Grace type bombast, she misstated the circumstances of the first trial.

    Proper psychiatric evidence was not admitted; this is why she was granted the retrial! The second jury heard a different case than the first, and that is the reason the verdict was different. Now, I am sympathetic to nearly no one. My coal black heart has not beat in warmth to personal misfortune in years. But Andrea Yates breaks my heart. She is tragic. Even if one is proceding in seeming logical fashion, the fact that she's being directed by voices in her head negates legal culpability. And do you know who I think bears some culpability here? Her idiot husband, Rusty. All that courthouse-step syrup about 'don't let this happen again' made my blood boil. He was the one that didn't see to her medical needs; he was the one that insisted on home-schooling for five children by a woman with psychiatric difficulties; he probably played catch with them once a week and thought he was a great dad. Sorry, but a great husband and a great dad wouldn't ask his severely mentally ill wife to homeschool 5 kids, let alone progress to the point in which one would have five kids in the first place. Furthermore, he's the one with a new wife in a sunny suburb while Andrea is locked up, tormented by her deeds when on meds and beset by neurochemical demons when not. God.

    [deep cleansing breath]

    Sorry. Had to get that off my chest...

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